Crow Attacking Snowy Owl at Dawn (video)

20 minutes before sunrise, I found my first Snowy Owl of the winter! A few minutes after sunrise, the local crow population also discovered Snowy. However, the male owl defended himself well, and refused to be forced off his perch. Thus, I had a fantastic time early this morning and spent 1 & 1/2 hours with this cool bird. I hope you enjoy a few of my photos, plus the video. In total I took 416 images this morning. Hopefully this Snowy will establish a winter territory where I found it … which would mean over two months of Snowy Owl watching / enjoyment.

The short video of the crows attacking the Snowy Owl is at the bottom of the post.


Mr. Snowy twenty minutes before sunrise

Getting the evil eye from a Snowy Owl!

White Fluffball

Hanging Out After Sunrise … Crows are Gone!

A video of the crows attacking the Snowy Owl

One thought on “Crow Attacking Snowy Owl at Dawn (video)

  1. Thanks for the report Richard! Good to hear they are finally arriving. In our area, where we normally see 15-20 Owls…there has been only one very lonely female sighted and reported for the past month and 1/2. We’ve been patiently watching and awaiting their arrival. This is promising! Keep us updated on the Sax Zim Bog too! The shortage of birds this winter is maddening!

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