52 Week Photo Project for 2017

Four years ago I initiated 365 Days of Birds, and for every day in the year I had to take a photograph of at least one bird. I enjoyed that project, but it was brutal and demanding.

  • Try finding birds in a whiteout / blizzard to take a photograph!
  • During the winter birding doldrums, another chickadee image?!
  • etc.

However, I learned a lot about myself and photography with my year long birding project. Thus, for 2017 I am starting a 52 week project. Once a week I must take an image of “The Deeps”. This waterfall, where water crashes over a bluestone outcropping as it rushes downhill to Lake Superior, is only 250 yards from my house. It will be fun to see how the personality of a waterfall changes over one year, and how I challenge myself to better my photograph skills.

Pinched Nerve Update: Limited walking! I drove my car to The Deeps (200 yards), but I did walk to the garage from my house … and then from the street to The Deeps.

Here is Week #1: The Frozen Deeps.

3 thoughts on “52 Week Photo Project for 2017

  1. Hey Rich, just happy not to lose your beautiful photography! Continue very cautious walking out there in the lovely Northland winter.

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