Spending the Weekend at Frostbite Falls!

Molly and I were off the grid this past weekend, up at Frostbite Falls next to Minnesota’s northern border with Canada. While we did not find Bullwinkle J. Moose, the area itself did not disappoint. We stayed at Naniboujou Lodge. Our stay was a gift from our middle son and his wife in thanks for our support of their recent union, both financial and otherwise.  This Lodge is near the Canadian border and has a gorgeous spot on Lake Superior. The area is so remote that there is no cell coverage, and Naniboujou prides itself on NOT providing wifi access for their guests. The goals is to unhook, unwind, and relax!

I believe the goal was accomplished. Here are a few photographs I took over the weekend. From a photography vantage point please note how the horizon is not at the center of each photo. With photography, the lines of the photograph which draw the viewer into the image should make themselves evident, but not necessarily the middle. This is often a common mistake of beginning photographers … splitting the picture in half between sky and ground.

Good Morning Minnesota, Good Morning Michigan! I captured the moment of sunrise over the Susie Islands (Minnesota) and Isle Royale (Michigan) on Saturday morning. The Suzie Islands are the eastern most point in Minnesota. The overlook on Mount Josephine allows one to also see Isle Royale National Park in the distance.

Frostbite Falls, Minnesota! Actually, you are looking at the frozen high falls on the Pigeon River. This river is the international border between the USA and Canada.

Sunrise Splash on Unknown Beach, Lake Superior! I just liked this beach and the frozen point in the distance. The time is shortly after sunrise.

Sunrise over Horseshoe Bay! (near Hovland on Lake Superior)

Cree Indian Lodge Ceiling at Naniboujou Lodge

3 thoughts on “Spending the Weekend at Frostbite Falls!

  1. Gorgeous pics, gorgeous weekend. They have a lot more ice and snow than you or I do that is for sure. Just to let you know stopped by: NO Barred. 4 GGO’s on Lakeshore and Roy got FLIGHT shots so we are walking on air. Home and looking forward to being done with the 200+ emails waiting for me. TTYS… Let me know the date oft he Milwaukee trip and we’ll let you know what we hear.

  2. These are wonderful pictures and fun to see. We miss our Northern Minnesota while in the South, so thank you for sharing. It IS beautiful country.

  3. Naniboujou is one of our favorite places to stay. Did you know that you can easily walk from the door to the Devil’s Kettle Falls in Judge Magney State Park?

    This year one of my goals is to photo the Middle Falls on the Pigeon.

    Also one of my favorite local photographers, Travis Novitsky, is park manager at Grand Portage State Park. If you’re up there again, ask for him, he loves to talk with fellow photographers.

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