Hawk Owl Love!

Somehow it would be difficult to imagine the two Northern Hawk Owls having a song written about their love in a manner similar to the Captain and Tennille’s hit, Muskrat Love! However, make no mistake about it; these two birds which I found in The Big Bog are an item. The female had a rather nice day. She just perched in the tops of various trees, enjoying the unseasonably warm February sun while the male hunted and caught voles which were then presented to her as evidence of his affection! While I was never able to record one of these exchanges on camera as it would occur 1/4 mile plus away from my location, it was fun to watch. I do have one image of the two owls sharing a tree at the end of this post. Given all the hunting the male was doing, both for himself and his lady friend, I was able to capture a few flight shots.

Flight Shots!

The Hunter!

Singing Out! (i.e. The male is singing / hooting to his love in this image. The owl does not open its mouth, but you can see the ruffling neck feathers)

Do not block my favorite hunting perch! (i.e. this is what you see just before a hawk owl zooms by your head at a distance of less than two feet! It landed on a snag eight yards behind me.)

Northern Hawk Owl Love … the female is on the upper left.

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