Windblown Red, Windblown White!

The winds continue to roar. Apparently there is a HUGE low pressure system north of us in Ontario. The end result has been two days of steady 35 mph winds, with frequent gusts to 50 mph. We have lost at least four trees in the yard / woods next to our house. One even made a glancing blow to the home, but thankfully no damage was done.

In short, it has not been good for birding or photography. With conditions like these, birds tend to hunker down and wait for better weather. The forecast show calming conditions (7 mph winds) and sun tomorrow morning. My plan is to take my first real birding excursion in some time.

Yesterday afternoon I tried to find a section of Lake Superior shoreline where I might find huge breaking waves, but when the winds blow out of the WSW our Minnesota shoreline is somewhat protected. While wave chasing near Gooseberry State Park I did find a few windblown Snow Buntings migrating back to the Arctic, and upon getting home my friendly neighborhood cardinal made an appearance. After a long Minnesota winter it is always nice to see some red in the woods!

Cardinal in Flight

Snowbuntings Times Two

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