Santa Fe Birding

We have reached Santa Fe, New Mexico. Just like when I am home in Minnesota, I was out before dawn in search of birds. Unlike the -4F temperature when we left home on Monday, dawn greeted me with bright sunny skies and a 39F temperature. Within an hour, it was almost 50F outside. From a Minnesotan’s perspective, birding was fantastic. Better yet, many of the birds I found were “lifers” for me. The warm dry climate of the American Southwest makes for totally different bird species.

We are camped out for four nights at a great two bedroom suite found upon VRBO. We get full run of the home, and the house is on the fringe of Santa Fe, which means birding is possible by just stepping outside! I you visit Santa Fe for any reason, I highly recommend a stay with Kevin! The owner is personable, and his home is a beautiful example of southwestern architecture which he himself built.

Oh yes … my birding success for today.

Mountain Bluebirds

Curve-Billed Thrashers in a Flowering Cactus!

Spotted Towhee

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