Grand Canyon’s First Light!

It is a bit after 10 am, and I’ve already had a full day. The morning (night?) started at 3:30 am when I visiting the Grand Canyon’s rim and hoped the skies would clear and give me some dramatic starscapes set off against the Canyon’s dramatic skyline and lit by a waning moon. Unfortunately some pesky clouds hung around, and I never achieved the photograph that was in my mind. However, the clouds of night became a nice opportunity at sunrise. Thus, along with many of my closest friends (i.e. other tourists), I watched the bright yellow globe pop up over the Grand Canyon rim. Unlike many of my close friends, once the sun was popping up I made a beeline down the Canyon Rim trail to find a view to the west. This image was the result!

The Sun’s First Light Looking West

Actual Sunrise Looking East

The Pesky Clouds at 3:30 am!

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