Red-Throated Loon Quest: Failure!

This afternoon I moved my continuing failing quest to see a red-throated loon during their migration back to the Arctic. My birding location was the Milwaukee waterfront which although it did not yield “said loon”, it did yield a new lifer bird, the Black Crowned Night Heron. In addition, Horned Grebes posed for photographs. Will try again tomorrow morning at sunrise.

Horned Grebe

Black-Crowned Night Heron


2 thoughts on “Red-Throated Loon Quest: Failure!

    1. I may have failed this Spring, but I am hoping to see my red-throated loon this August when I do a self-supported bicycle tour from Jasper, Alperta through the Rockies down to the Pacific to Prince Rupert, and then down Vancouver Island. This will be in their summer range as we bike to Prince Rupert. All is not lost yet!!

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