Not in Kansas anymore!

Dorothy … you’re not in Kansas anymore!!!

Early this week I was bicycling in a snow flurry along the cold, windy shores of Lake Superior. Yesterday, in 85F heat, along with Molly we both went mountain biking for the first time in our lives. I figured at age 61 it was time to try something new in life!

Given the name of the sport includes “mountain”, we biked up and down steep trails next to the Pacific Ocean. Uff dah! Scarier going down than up. In addition. without meaning to I often popped wheelies on the uphills during particularly steep climbs. Finally throw in 85F heat and humidity just to make things interesting. We both survived. Molly took two minor falls. I somehow avoided falling. Much messier sport than road biking. Dirt all the way up my shins. Now we will need a great sunset, a drink and dinner. Given we are in Costa Rica, that will not be a problem!

Here is a pic of my wife enjoying that well earned sunset … and yes, my camera is focusing on some birds too! Hopefully my ID’s are correct.

High up in the trees … Orange Fronted Parakeet, Red Crowned Woodpecker and White Tipped Dove

Just above me! Iguana.

Beachcombing … Spotted Sandpiper and Great Tailed Grackle

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