Return of the Funky Petite Penguin

Yes … it’s that time again when I challenge my readers to help me ID birds found via my world wide travels. Last spring while bike touring in Scotland, I discovered the Funky Petite  Penguin! My rules are simple. I create names for the birds that I find, but cannot ID. You … my readers comment with the real ID. Please realize if I like my “made up” name better, perhaps I will never edit the post! 🙂

Thus … let the Costa Rican bird ID olympics begin! Cue the music. Today’s two competitors … the Yellow-Breasted Bug Eyed Grosbeak and the White-Throated Black Masked Finch.

Post Update: My thanks to Andy Nabor who let me know the first bird is a Black Headed Trogon. Gee … the real name is almost as good as my made up name!

In addition over the past 24 hours I’ve found (real bird names): the Gray Capped Flycatcher, and the White Throated Magpie Jay.

Edit / Update: My thanks to Adam Roesch who often comments on this blog. I agree with this assessment that the bird shown below is actually a Tropical Kingbird!

Many of these birds were found while mountain biking up and down the steep Pacific hills around 6 am in the morning … when both the birds are more active and the heat is not so oppressive. Thankfully the sun finally sets and one gets to watch both birds and humans fishing in the waning light of the day.

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