Big Beaked Trail Digger!

Today while mountain biking I found the Big Beaked Trail Digger Bird! This bird was very well camouflaged, and sitting right in the middle of the trail. Only when I was within a few feet did it flush … thankfully into a great location for a photograph. I am speculating it somehow uses it’s large beak for obtaining food, perhaps even in the rock hard soil.

Post Update: My thanks to Agogo Malawi, who let me know the first bird is a White-Necked Puffbird!

Yes, I was out on my mountain bike by 5:40 am (before sunrise), which allowed me to not only beat the heat, but get to a desired summit area for birding about 15 minutes after sunup. I quickly found a black vulture, which I was able to look down upon at it’s nest. A bit further down the trail I discovered a pair of Squirrel Cuckoos.

And of course another unknown bird … my new name is the Black and White Striped Finch. Actually once I get all my birds correctly identified I am looking forward to helping with Cornell’s Neotropical eBird initiative with whom I have been in touch with their project managers.

Finally, take a view at my high tech monopod mountain bike birding system … the purple and pink shoelace … soon to be patented by yours truly! When on vacation with limited resources, one uses Yankee ingenuity. My camera case is strapped to the front handlebars, and the monopod uses the quick release shoelace attachment system!

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