Sunset Birding Benefits

Watching this sunset, glass of wine in hand with my wife, proved to have fantastic birding benefits. Folks talk about the “red flash” as the sun dips below the Pacific Ocean horizon. Well I did not seem the red flash, but I did see the orange flash! This burst of color turned out to be a Streak Backed Oriole building a nest! After a morning mountain bike ride which started before sunrise, I returned to the nest building orioles and enjoyed some photography time!

Sunset and sunrise over the Pacific Ocean

Streak Backed Oriole … Nest Building

While I was watching the oriole, this Variegated Squirrel was watching me!

One thought on “Sunset Birding Benefits

  1. Love your pictures and narrative. Never saw a variegated squirrel. We used to have the big red fox squirrels here when I was growing up but now all you see is gray and now black squirrels.
    Miss those fox squirrels.

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