Seeing Eye to Eye With the Birds!

Per normal I headed off on my mountain bike shortly before 6 am. Even this early the heat index was already 98F. It will be good to get back to Lake Superior and its cool breezes! However, biking the trails to the tops of hills overlooking the Pacific Ocean allows one to look down on birds, or at least eye to eye for unique perspectives!

Today I finally got some good Maginificent Frigate bird images. I got up before the heat started rising which allowed me to watch them as they rose up from their island rookeries on the islands far below!

In addition I found four Great Kiskadees singing out and setting their territories, plus the unknown bird of the day which I shall name the Yellow-Breasted Striped Flycatcher!

Edit: Fairly certain the flycatcher is an immature Yellow-Bellied Elaenia. My thanks to Adam who worked this ID. The real ID appears to be a Olive-Sided Flycatcher, not the Elaenia!

2 thoughts on “Seeing Eye to Eye With the Birds!

    1. Sorry about my belated responses to your comments. You are absolutely right on this ID. Starting to work on the other birds about which you sent notes. Thanks so much! Today is a great day to work on this kind of stuff … 29 mph wind, rain and a temperature of 39F. I know the shore birds are out there on Park Point, but the weather is horrible for us humans.

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