Love in Living Color … Mot Mots & Trogons

It is the time of the year for love! Birds are pairing off, and fighting for both mates and territory. At the end of this morning’s sunrise mountain bike ride two Turquoise Bowed Mot Mot birds awaited me on the gate that sets off the trailhead. Getting off my bike I followed the love birds till they finally posed for my camera.

At that point I heard a HUGE racket and watched as five male Streak Backed Orioles fought over one female. The young lady had plenty of attention including this male!

Finally, I had almost given up getting a good photo of a Black Headed Trogon. These birds tend to hang out high in a tree’s canopy which makes taking pictures real difficult. In addition, I had been told if I got real lucky a Trogon would come down low and turn is black back to me … revealing not black but beautiful turquoise and blue colors.

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