Costa Rican Closers

I took my last mountain bike ride along the trails overlooking the Pacfic Ocean this morning. Even though it was 5:30 am when I left, and dawn would not yet peek above the ridge for 20 minutes, the heat and humidity were oppressive. However upon reaching the trailhead at the end of my ride two new birds awaited … a Crested Caracara and a Cinnamon Hummingbird. I gathered some quick photos and departed to enjoy a cold shower. Oh yeah … it snowed yesterday in northeastern Minnesota!

Crested Caracara and a Cinnamon Hummingbird

I am also posting now images of three birds I photographed yesterday morning … a Great-crested Flycatcher, a White-Lored Gnatcatcher, and a pair of White-Fronted Parrots.

One thought on “Costa Rican Closers

  1. Rich,
    The flycatcher with the yellow belly appears to be a Great-crested Flycatcher (yes, the same species that breeds in Minnesota). ID points:
    rusty tail color (Myiarchus species, not Elaenia),
    thin dark outer webs on the outer tail feathers,
    pale base to lower bill.
    I could be wrong on the species: it could be Nutting’s or Brown-crested Flycatcher.

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