North American Darth Vader Bird!

Looking for love in all the wrong places! Sunday morning along the Western Waterfront Trail in Duluth I found the rare North American Darth Vader Bird (common grackle). At sunrise this bird was looking for a Mrs. Vader, but alas … he was spurned!

North American Darth Vader Bird!

Now that I have returned to the Northland from Costa Rica, I have been making the rounds of my favorite birding locations and evaluating the status of the Spring migration. Apparently over the past two weeks cold weather slammed the migration to a stop, but the early migrants have been busy finding mates, building nests Great Blue Herons) … and in the case of Great Horned Owls … raising owlets!

Great Blue Heron Love

Bringing home a stick for the nest

Sharing a stick with your Beloved!

Formal Engagement Photo

High Rise Apartment Living!

Great Horned Owl (Mom and Owlettes)

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