Northern Lights Memorial Day Weekend 2017 (video)

Lady Aurora danced over northern Minnesota this Memorial Day Weekend 2017. It was a great night to be out in the wilderness. I took both videos of the Northern Lights with my Sony A6000 with an ISO setting of 3,200. Normally folks do time lapse videos, but I was actually able to take “real time videos” ! In the second video you are able to hear Common Loons calling in the background. All night long the birds sang … confused by the bright light which made them think it was pre-dawn.

The first image was taken before true darkness … lingering light after sunset. Crazy Beautiful.

Little Stone Lake near Brimson, Minnesota (45 miles north of Duluth)

The Deeps (200 yards from the end of my driveway in Duluth)

The Videos …

3 thoughts on “Northern Lights Memorial Day Weekend 2017 (video)

  1. You live a full and wonderful life Richard. Keep enjoying God’s beauty and your own beautiful family. Happy Menorial Day 🇺🇸

  2. Thanks Everyone! We have a gorgeous, fantastic country. Enjoy this Memorial Day and remember those fellow citizens who gave their lives for the United States.

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