Finding Love on NorthStar Lake

The birds are back! Molly and I had a delightful four days at our small Northwoods cabin … taking long bicycle rides and enjoying the wilderness we so love. In my case, each morning started with birdsong long before sunrise. Two mornings ago I looked out the bedroom window and realized a great sunrise was in the offing. What followed was a delightful day both on and off the lake, but never more than a few hundred yards from our cabin.

If you are a web visitor from the Destination Duluth Facebook site, use the Northern Lights Viewing link in the blog menubar to access all the Aurora Borealis tools!

NorthStar Lake Sunrise

Looking for a good mate! (American Redstart and Red-Eyed Vireo)

Drumming for Women! (Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker)

The Common Loons are back (fishing with one’s significant other!)

America the Beautiful … one of our Bald Eagles at sunset

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