Davidson Windmill Milky Way

Last night rather than the Northern Lights, I chased the Milky Way with my camera! The Davidson Windmill is located just outside of Superior on Wisconsin hwy #13.

Weather forecast: Clear Skies
Moon forecast: Shining, but not too much. Setting about 2 am.
Milky Way forecast: Core will be in proper position at 2 am.
This kind of research and much more goes into a Milky Way photograph. First there is only about one month per year that the core of the Milky Way is properly positioned for me to “get” the photograph I wanted of this windmill. Earlier in the Spring the Milky Way would be positioned to far to the east. Later in the Summer the Milky Way would be position to far to the west in the night sky.
Obviously I needed clear skies, but in addition I wanted some moonlight to illuminate the windmill, but not too much moonlight. In addition I needed the moon in the proper position in the sky to shine upon the Davidson Windmill.
Last night I set my alarm for 12:45 am and within five minutes of waking up I was driving to my photoshoot location where I arrive at 1:30 am.
Thus, photographs like this image do not just happen by accident. A huge amount of planning goes into execution. Finally, even before I take a photograph I need to see “in my mind” what I believe the end result will look like … and oh yes, I miss a lot of sleep!
For other photographers, this is one image (not multiple stacked images). I was using my Sony A6000 with a Rokinon wide angle lens. The aperture was set to 2.0 (wide open), the exposure was 25 seconds, and my ISO was 2000.

Here is a slightly different treatment. Everything is the same except I now had an ISO of 3200 and a 20 second exposure.

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