Signs of Summer: Steam Engines and Lupine!

The frozen Northland is frozen no more. In fact, summer is now just around the corner. In addition to birds, tourists are returning to the area! The NorthShore Scenic Railroad finished the restoration of Historic Steam Engine #28 (Duluth and Northeastern Railroad). While on a bike ride this afternoon up the NorthShore I chanced upon the steam engine out for a Sunday drive. While my ride was a workout, I always carry a camera with me. I adjusted my route and mileage and enjoyed a few miles of biking along #28! In a sure sign of Summer, I found some early blooming lupine … truly a Kodak Photo Moment when combined with the steam engine!

I also took a three videos. In the first video you get to hear the whistle. In the second one gets a close-up of the drive wheels, and in the final video the lupine appear. Ah … summer!

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