Red-Throated Loon Reprise

If you’ve followed my blog for a while, you know that I really wanted to see a red-throated loon either here in Duluth this northward migration season on Lake Superior, or during my trip to Lake Michigan in mid April. I failed on all counts to find this bird, but I have another chance this year … my Yellowhead Bicycle Tour! In a little over one month Molly and I will spend a bit over three weeks bike touring from Prince George through the Canadian Rockies down to the Pacific Ocean at Prince Rupert. Upon arriving at the coast, we will ferry out to the islands formerly know as the Queen Charlotte Islands. Our entire route, and Graham Island are all within the loon’s summer range. Stay tuned!

Here is a map of our route, which Molly made (see her blog with our “ride” announcement), and a few “friends” I saw during yesterday’s training bike ride!

Herring Gull … waiting for fish to get washed down to it … Talmedge River

Eastern Wood Phoebe

Red Fox

One thought on “Red-Throated Loon Reprise

  1. “Eastern Wood Phoebe”: Is that intentionally saying you’re unsure whether it’s a Wood-Pewee or Phoebe? It’s the Phoebe.

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