The Mighty Skeena, Ticket to the Sea

For the last two days we have been cycling along the Skeena River in British Columbia. This river cuts through the Coastal Mountain Range, and the scenery is dramatic. However, when touring by bicycle, the word “cutting” is loosely used. While we are descending to the sea, there pleny of climbs.

Enjoy a few photographs of the mighty Skeena and the surrounding area. I have also included a map at the end of this post showing our route. All three photos were taken yesterday morning. It was a glorious ride … 40+ miles between civilization, even a building of any kind.

Yours Truly … Looking out over the Skeena River

Alpine Cycling

Molly … Looking out over a Skeena Tributary.

Our Ride and Present Location:

Blue: Travel by Bike; Red: Travel by Ferry; Green: Travel by Train.

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