Sounds of the Ruby-Throated Hummingbird

Sometimes it pays to stay home! I had not been birding since last Friday, and having a few moments before dinner this Tuesday evening I had planned on heading out to find some shorebirds. However, my backyard birds had other ideas. As I walked down the steps outside my home, I noticed one hummingbird aggressively defending the bee balm from all comers. This action is not unusual, but that Ruby Throat decided to perch on the flowers themselves.

For the next hour, between a few trips indoors to check some photos I watched this small bird defend my garden. I could even count upon with some degree of certainty that my small friend would land on the same exact flower after either feeding or fending off competitors for this piece of garden. I hope you enjoy the video in which there are two primary sounds … the beating of the hummingbird’s wings, and it song (20 second mark). 


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