Crisp Point Lighthouse Teaser!

Molly and I are back on the grid for a few hours. We just spent a heavenly week at Crisp Point Lighthouse serving as lighthouse keepers. This light is very remote and may only be reached by a 19 mile long dirt road which is in poor condition. The nearest small town to Crisp Point is Newberry, Michigan which is a 70 minute drive one way.

We had fantastic weather, a true Indian Summer, on our remote Lake Superior shoreline. Our official keeper’s residence is our small pup tent which was pitched only 30 yards from the beach. The white noise sound of crashing waves helped us fall asleep every night. Expect an extensive post of the many moods of Crisp Point a few days hence, but in the meantime here is an image I took of our final sunset, and a ring-billed gull who paid our campsite a visit. Now it’s on to Northstar Lake near the Minnesota Canadian border … time to shut down the water system at our cabin and winterize the place. Once again, we will be off the grid! Kind of nice, isn’t it?!

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