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We are in the doldrums in terms of birding in northern Minnesota. The Fall migration is now done, and we are still in need of a heavy deep snow cover to push more winter birds out of the deep forest to more viewable locations. These facts don’t mean I stop hiking the forests, but every day is very challenging.

On the home front given I have not had any new bloggable content, I have worked upon updating my index. While in my travels I often avoid chasing certain kinds of birds in which I have little interest (bird snob??), I still have amassed a decent number. You will now find 265 species photographed / indexed. In addition, my video and mammal indices are now getting rather large. Although this blog focuses upon still images of birds, you may enjoy these other two resources:

2 thoughts on “Updated Bird Index / Videos

  1. Richard,
    I have been following you email blog and spectacular photos and stories for several months now and I want to thank you for everything you have posted. Your energy and determination to capture these images and share your knowledge about birds and so many enrich my days and make me most grateful to see so many of my favorites up front and personal!
    With gratitude and admiration,

    1. Thanks Marna! There are times when I feel creatively challenged in terms of coming up with posts. I appreciate your feedback, and everyone elses too.

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