Boats and Birds

Yesterday I decided I needed to stay closer to Duluth. My search for owls had involved lots of driving, and then hikes. While I enjoyed the birding trips to Sax-Zim Bog immensely, I was interested in minimal driving and a good afternoon bicycle ride in the sun along Lake Superior. Even with the 32F temperature and an effective 18 mph wind in my face on my bike, it was great to take the ride.

In addition to my cycling I crawled (actually drove and hiked) the Duluth waterfront. The end result were these three images … boats and birds … boy toys (i.e the boats).

BBC Shipping Lines Vesuvius and Mississippi unloaded at the Port Terminal

Boat and Birds … BBC Vesuvius scares up a few gulls upon arrival at Canal Park

Glaucous Gull on the Duluth Waterfront … Another Arctic Visitor

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