Owl Candy

Yesterday I drove up to Sax-Zim Bog arriving before sunrise. Knowing that the weekend would bring out lots of folks to view the hawk owl (most welcome), but not desiring to be part of the huge crowd I hiked into a different area of the bog where I had heard reports of another Northern Hawk Owl. It was good I was there before sunup because this individual stopped hunting the minute the golden orb popped above the horizon.

However, it was not time for all the other birds to have breakfast, and many were NOT please to the the owl in vicinity. Over the course of 20 minutes, the Northern Hawk Owl attracted quite a bit of attention, or should I say attacks? Thus … owl candy which the other birds could not resist!

Each of these birds took a swipe at the owl, but ultimately grew bored and moved on leaving the owl in peace to enjoy the warmth of the morning sun. The easiest way to bird in the Bog, find an owl and wait for the other birds to attack!  🙂

Gray Jay and Norther Hawk Owl

Female Pine Grosbeak

Northern Shrike

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