Northern Hawk Owl Sunrise

Over the past week I have started to learn the winter hunting territories of three owls north of Duluth. This morning I decided to see if I could find one of the owls before sunrise and take a photograph in the pre-dawn light. I think I succeeded! This is a Northern Hawk Owl, a winter visitor to northern Minnesota … truly a snow bird. The image was taken 15 minutes before sunrise. I also have posted a photograph of the same exact owl taken 20 minutes after sunrise, or 35 minutes later … same tree but slightly different angle. The temperature was 3F, and I walked back to my car and warmed up between photo sessions!

3 thoughts on “Northern Hawk Owl Sunrise

  1. Always a pleasure to see your photographs. Congratulations on the recent book spread. I have made it my winter screensaver and share it with all who ask where it was taken and by whom. Your calendars were adored by my coworkers and the one at home looks great too. Merry Christmas to you and the family Richard.

    1. Merry Christmas, John … and to all my readers. Still hope to take one more birding excursion before Santa arrives!

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