Christmas Birds! (owls and more)

Sometimes … you just have to go birding!

When things went surprisingly well at Target yesterday and I finished up stocking stuffer purchases by 7:45 am, I said to myself: “Self … you are only 35 miles from the Bog. Given the 3+ inches of new snow flocked on the trees and the weather radar shows clearing skies … get thee to a Boggery!”

And I did … Sax-Zim Bog bound was I! It was a fantastic morning. I only spent two hours birding, but what a great two hours it was.

Merry Christmas!

Pine Grosbeak (male)

Great Gray Owl on the Hunt … Voles watch out!
… The 4th image in this series was taken upon returning to a favorite hunting perch!

Back at home … not a Partridge in a Pear Tree, but a …
… Mourning Dove in a Pine Tree!

4 thoughts on “Christmas Birds! (owls and more)

  1. Richard,
    You are such a fantastic photographer. I always look forward to you posts. The picture of the owl with spread wings was stunning!

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