Attack of the Vole Patrol!

The last two days were stormy with strong winds. In short, I knew that the owls had not been able to hunt successfully. With that knowledge I headed out before sunrise to my owling grounds. I was not disappointed! The number of Great Gray Owls which were hunting after sunup was amazing. Starvation is a great motivator.

Dawn’s Early Light Over the Owling Grounds!

Attack of the Vole Patrol

Great Gray Owl and its Vole (same owl as in prior sequence)

Northern Hawk Owl gets in on the Action!

2 thoughts on “Attack of the Vole Patrol!

  1. Sorry Doug, but I will not share exact locations of rare owls. While the area north of Duluth would seem to be far away from major population centers like the Twin Cities, last winter when a different area with a large concentration of owls became generally known across Minnesota, and even the country, the resulting flood of visitors on back roads was both harmful to the owls which need to successfully hunt to survive, and friends who live along these back roads.

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