By Dawn’s Early Light! Arctic Riviera!

There is a good reason photographers love the early morning light. Today’s images explain why it is absolutely necessary to be out before dawn.

Even though it was -20F well before sunrise as I was walking along the Arctic Riviera, and I did not find the Snowy Owl for which I am looking, the sunrise made the cold hike worthwhile! After my visit to Lake Superior I drove up to my owling grounds and found four Great Gray Owls including this individual flying across the frozen tundra.

5 thoughts on “By Dawn’s Early Light! Arctic Riviera!

    1. Marlen … you need to visit your family in Superior. The winter of the owls kicked in just after you returned home!

  1. I would sure like to know your exact location to go out and see these really helps if you can narrow this down as the north shore is a large area!! I live right here in Knife River so have close access but dont want to drive around at 6 am when its -20 and not know where im headed..please consider sharing this info or contact me directly so you wont have to divulge this to others. Thank you

    1. Sally, it is to protect the owls and neighbors who live in the area that I do not post the exact locations. I will contact you privately.


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