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The Mighty Skeena, Ticket to the Sea

For the last two days we have been cycling along the Skeena River in British Columbia. This river cuts through the Coastal Mountain Range, and the scenery is dramatic. However, when touring by bicycle, the word “cutting” is loosely used. While we are descending to the sea, there pleny of climbs.

Enjoy a few photographs of the mighty Skeena and the surrounding area. I have also included a map at the end of this post showing our route. All three photos were taken yesterday morning. It was a glorious ride … 40+ miles between civilization, even a building of any kind.

Yours Truly … Looking out over the Skeena River

Alpine Cycling

Molly … Looking out over a Skeena Tributary.

Our Ride and Present Location:

Blue: Travel by Bike; Red: Travel by Ferry; Green: Travel by Train.

Terrific Telkwa!

Why is this couple happy?

1. They just enjoyed a five mile downhill ride with an 8% grade (don’t ask them about the climb)
2. They just learned there is a fantastic bakery / cafe 500 yards down the road, the first services in 31 miles. Food!
3. They are enjoying the incredible views from Telkwa, B.C.

Here are the upstream and downstream images from Telkwa Town Park. We have completed 250 miles, and now plan for a rest day. Full trip diary on Crazy Guy on a Bike Portal.

Bike Touring in British Columbia!

4 years ago Molly and I bike toured New England and the Canadian Maritimes and Quebec. Both Quebec and New Brunswick posted signs about all the moose we would not see. British Columbia did not want to be outdone. Their signs tell me all about the moose, bear and dear I will not see, and of course for how many highway kilometers I will not see same!

In addition, there are mountains in B.C. Took the image of Molly yesterday as she started the descent to Fraser Lake. The photo is not tilted, but the road was! You may read my day by day bike touring diary via the Crazy Guy on a Bike Portal.

An Explosion of Color: Lavender and Emerald!

Dumb luck birding, and bike touring … it’s a great combination. When Molly and I planned the family vacation to be just prior to our bike tour, we had no idea that our vacation choice, Dungeness Bay would hold their Lavender Festival the final two days of our Olympic Peninsula stay. Heck, prior to this week I had never seen Lavender in my life.

Thus, this morning while taking a bike ride, off the bike path I spied a beautiful field of Lavender. These purplish flowers were screaming at me to get off my bike and enjoy the visual sensation. Here is a bit of what I saw.

Cycling down the bike I noticed some swallows using a bird house that did not look like tree swallows. Enter a new lifer for me … the Violet-Green Swallow … what a gorgeous bird. Perhaps in honor of the local festival the bird should be renamed to the Emerald-Lavender Swallow … seems appropriate! To get these photos by the bird house, I dismounted my bike and crawled towards the swallows, never standing up. A prone or sitting human is not so threatening.