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Bald Eagle Preening (immature)Winter 2016
Bald Eagle (Roadkill Café)15-Feb-14 
Barred Owl3-Feb-17 
Black Bear and CubsSummer 2012 
Black-Backed Woodpecker8-Dec-15 
Black-Bellied Plover23-Sep-17 
Bobolink Singing13-Jun-157-Jul-17 
Bohemian WaxwingsWinter 2016 
Brown Thrasher11-May-17 
Buffleheads (bouncing)7-May-1421-Apr-16 
Calliope Hummingbird14-Jun-16  
Common Loon and Chicks4-Jul-17  
Eastern Meadowlark15-Jul-16  
Fox Kits in the Morning SunSpring 2013  
Gray Fox4-Nov-1715-Nov-17 
Great Gray Owl Chicks29-Jun-17  
Great Horned Owl Chicks8-May-17  
Holiday Train13-Dec-17  
Howler Monkey23-Apr-17  
Horned Larks26-Sep-17  
Indigo Bunting23-Jun-16  
Ivory GullWinter 2016 
Kayaking the Deeps Waterfall (part 1)Spring 2013 
Kayaking the Deeps Waterfall (part 2)Spring 2013 
Lake Superior Ice Breaking 1Winter 2014 
Lake Superior Ice Breaking 2Winter 2014 
Lake Superior Ice WavesWinter 2015 
Lester River Kayak Race1-Apr-17 
Merlin (screaming)16-Apr-16 
Northern Hawk Owl16-Feb-1529-Jan-17 
Northern Lapwing9-Jun-16 
Northern Lights TimelapseSummer 2015 
Northern Saw-Whet Owl7-Feb-174-Feb-18 
Northern Shrike (preening)15-Apr-16 
Ospreys Times ThreeSpring 2016 
Penguin Migration on Lake Superior7-Mar-14 
Peregrine Falcon30-Sep-17 
Pileated Woodpecker17-Feb-18 
Pileated Woodpecker in a Snow SquallWinter 2013 
Pine Grosbeak12/20/2016 
Red-Breasted Merganser4/12/2017 
Red-Headed Woodpecker7/7/2017 
Ring-Billed Gull11/5/2017 
Ruddy Turnstone19-Aug-16 
Sandhill Crane Crex Meadows Migration9-Nov-1415-Mar-17 
SemiPalmated Sandpiper17-Jul-1613-Aug-16 
Short Billed Dowitcher13-Aug-16  
Snow Bunting9-Apr-162-Nov-16 
Snowy OwlWinter 201629-Dec-163-Dec-17
Solitary Sandpiper21-Apr-16  
Snow, Ross & Greater White Front Geese14-Mar-1726-Oct-1727-Oct-17
Spotted Sandpiper8-Jul-16 
Surfer at Stoney Point (winter)30-Apr-14 
Trumpeter Swans9-Jan-1530-Mar-17 
Turkeys Gone a Courting13-Jun-15 
Warbler at my Feet!18-May-15 
Waves Bash Superior, Wisc. LighthouseWinter 2016 
Wild TurkeySummer 201524-Mar-16 
Wilson’s Snipe16-Jun-1618-Apr-17 
Yellow Crowned Night HerronSummer 2015 
Yellow Shafted Flicker3-May-16 
Yellow-Headed Blackbird13-Jun-16  
Yellow-Shafted Flicker Feeding Chicks29-Jun-16