Search Engine Tips

Search Engine Usage Tips & Notes:

  • Proper Search Engine Box: Use the search engine box found embedded in the Minnesota Birding Search Engine web page. The search box found in the upper right corner of this blog ONLY searches MY blog!
  • Sorting Search Engine Results: Box in upper right corner of search results window allows you to sort by either “relevance” or “date”. Default is by “relevance
  • Huge Search Engine Results Numbers: Large numbers are normal. The Google search algorithm will still give you the most relevant content first! Understand that the search engine spider is indexing large public web sites with years and years of reports from the various Audubon organizations and M.O.U. Web sites. Most of these web sites never get a Spring cleaning!
  • Try it! Use the search box below. Input any word or phrase. I often like to sort by date.
  • Advertisements: Any ads that may appear on your search results pages result from actions by Google, not me! I receive “zero” financial benefit from this service.

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