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Birding with Rich!

It has been a fun winter season of birding. In addition to my buddy Jeff from the Minneapolis area who took the “Birding with Rich” photographs, I have been privileged to bird with folks this winter from:

  • Denver
  • Des Moines
  • Seattle
  • San Francisco

Take a look at my “about me” page where you will learn who I am, and whether you would enjoy birding with the NorthStar Nerd (my nickname). However, if you were hoping to bird with me this winter, you are out of luck. Tomorrow I head south with Molly for Tucson. I will trade my Nordic skis for a bicycle. Would love birding recommendations for the Tucson area, or anywhere in between Duluth and the SW. As a fyi, I avoid interstate highways. Here is one final northern bird photo … a yard bird.

Pileated Woodpecker

Birding with Rich

Year 5 of 365!

This post starts my fifth year of blogging on 365 Days of Birds. While this blog was not my first online effort, my passion is showing through here via myattemps to introduce the reader to the region I call home, the Northland. In my prior life and blog, I was the NorthStarNerd, and while the techie side of me often shows through, the star these days is the wilderness.

Kick back, throw your feet up on the foot stool, and get ready for 2018. Who knows where this journey will lead us, but hopefully it will be both fun and beautiful. To start 2018 for the birds, I focused upon one of my favorite birding subjects, the Hairy Woodpecker. I am not certain the implications of all three photos being moth wide open … even with some tongue … a Bronx cheer?!

One interesting item … this must be a good spot for finding grubs on this tree. The male Hairy Woodpecker chased away the female shortly after it was successful in finding some food.

Yard Birds! Northern Shrike

What are some exciting yard birds which have visited you? Today I added a cool new bird, a Northern Shrike! While working on my computer this afternoon I glanced up and saw the shrike!

My yard is very popular with songbirds due to the six bird feeders, and thus a predator like this Northern Shrike. To describe my yard … it is on the edge of a pine forest, across the road from Amity Creek, but also has an open area where I have tall grasses and a garden of perennials.

This photo taken through the window! Last winter I had a Barred Owl which hunted 5 yards from our living room window. For three weeks it would set up shop late every afternoon right above the bird feeders and await an unwary squirrel or vole. We learned we were not allowed to watch from the window seat in the living room (five yards away from the owl), but were permitted to watch the owl from our dining room window … ten yards away from the owl. These were the owl’s rules, not ours! 🙂

Finally, I am participating in Cornell’s Project Feeder Watch. Today was one of my count days. Thus I get to add a Northern Shrike!