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Attacking Bald Eagles, Babies & Other Stuff!

The family is having a fantastic time on the Olympic Peninsula. The area is gorgeous, and the weather is fantastic. Yesterday we hiked up Hurricane Ridge where Maren posed in an Alpine meadow. When I returned home, I was treated to some seagulls attacking a Bald Eagle.

Today, my son-in-law Matt and I drove out to Cape Flattery where we beachcombed for over two hours (2 hours of walking on a sandy beach without seeing another human), followed by a hike out onto the Cape Flattery Headland itself.

Hurricane Ridge

  • Marren
  • Wildflower Vista
  • Buck in Velvet

Attacking the Bald Eagle

Cape Flattery

  • Black Oystercatcher Chicks
  • Pigeon Guillemots
  • Pelagic Cormorants on Nests

Get Off the Interstate!

Molly and I just drove from Minnesota to the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State. While we were on interstate highways, about 1/2 of the time I managed to find local routes. Just like when we are bike touring, when in the car we want to see America. The best way to see the country is to escape the interstate. Traffic will also be light.

Here is a great example, while on a local road driving across Washington State we saw a sign which said scenic lookout one mile. Coming around the bend … wow! Mount Rainier appeared!

Here are a few more photographs from our travels. The Clark Fork River in Montana … a sunrise bike ride, and two bird images.

This Purple Martin was teasing its chicks in the hope it might entice their young to take a first flight. The California Quail was watching over a brood of about eight young.

The Clark Fork River Revisited

As Molly and I work our way across America by car to our bike touring starting point, we make certain to include enough time for a daily bicycle ride. Today is was 96F in the mountains of Montana (ugh), but that did not stop us from taking a 20+ mile ride along the Clark Fork River.

It was great to see an old friend. During our Glaciers to the Sea Tour three years ago we biked along the Clark Fork for four days. The scenery and peoples in this region are Wunderbar!

The river is beautiful, but one does have to do some climbing. Two pics of Molly enjoying some vistas …


Westward Ho!

Come one … come all … follow the intrepid pair of Molly and Rich during their self-supported bicycle tour through the mountains of British Columbia down to the Pacific Ocean … and then out over the waters of the Pacific to the Islands of Haida Gwaii. We leave early tomorrow morning to reach the starting point for our Yellowhead Tour. This will be my tenth long distance bike tour! See my other tours.

Molly will write about our travels on her blog:

Rich will post both on this web site (my own), and Crazy Guy on a Bike Portal: