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Pine Grosbeak Northwoods Explosion

There has been an explosion of pine grosbeaks entering our area. These beautiful birds are everywhere!

Find a berry or crab apple tree, find a grosbeak!

Drive a dirt road two hours after sunrise, find a grosbeak eating grit.

During my hikes I also found Wile E. Coyote loping along some railroad tracks. He wanted nothing to do with me, but did stop briefly to check me over!

Finally, a quick update on my book … But That Is Not Me! I just edited the Birding With Children Page. Each bird featured in the book now is listed with links to videos, songs, map ranges, etc!

Ten Hours of Lake Superior

The full moon rose over Lake Superior yesterday evening just before sunset. Practicing my best lazy boy photography methods, even though I had researched many great places to photograph the full moon rising over Gitche Gumee within various 45 minute drives, I decided to just pop down to the shore of the big lake which is 800 yards from my house. This started nine hours of photography on Lake Superior! I found the Lesser Yellowlegs from their southern migration at 6:15 am which ended my ten hours!

The freighter, American Century, steams under the full moon ...

Morning Mergansers (sunrise at Stoney Point)

Lesser Yellowlegs on Minnesota Point (forms the Duluth / Superior harbor)
Y3-M07-Park-Point-Rec-Area-Lesser-Yellowlegs-1 Y3-M07-Park-Point-Rec-Area-Lesser-Yellowlegs-2 Y3-M07-Park-Point-Rec-Area-Lesser-Yellowlegs-3 Y3-M07-Park-Point-Rec-Area-Lesser-Yellowlegs-6-pair

Park Point / Minnesota Point Playing Fields

The rains returned to northeast Minnesota, and with the drenching rain the puddles / ponds reappeared on the playing fields at the end of Park Point. This combination plus the NE winds insured that at this time of year migrating shorebirds made an appearance to feed. Here are a few photos I took during yesterday morning’s blustery and foggy conditions.

I’ve also added two owl photos I took just prior to the start of this project / web site. Both owl photos were taken late winter 2013 within 800 yards of my home on Amity Creek.

Post Update on August 22nd: I’ve updated this entry to correctly identify one of the birds as a Lesser Yellows. Please see the comments for this blog post, as Adam and Dan helped with the ID and provided useful information.

Great Yellowlegs


Lesser & Great Yellowlegs on the hunt!


Barred Owl (archive photo)


Boreal Owl (archive photo)


Six Minutes in Paradise!

These two images were taken six minutes apart at dawn this morning on the North Shore of Lake Superior … just before dawn and at the moment of sunrise. It is a special time to be outside, which was 5:15 am this morning!

After my lupine photo shoot, I worked my way back down the shore towards Duluth, and my home. As you see, photographic opportunities continued!

Lupines at Dawn (images taken six minutes apart)
Sunrise-Lupines-1a Sunrise-Lupines-2a


I See You!


Mallard Family Sunrise