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Foxes Meet the Skunk! (video)

I think I need to have my readers help me name my two friendly foxes. These two canines (one male and female) have been visiting our yard every evening about 40 minutes after sundown for the past ten days. I feel like I need to get on a first name basis with my friends.

Two nights ago, the fox couple met the skunk. They know who is the boss!

In addition, the Trumpeter Swans are now gone, but I captured these images just before the last open water disappeared … also two days ago.

Wild Turkey Time!

Back in the USA … home to Duluth this afternoon! In the meantime, how many of you visit major metropolitan area parks early in the morning? Before anyone else visits? Such was the case this morning when I arrived at French Region Park in suburban Minneapolis at 5:45 am. I was the only “human” in the park, but the wildlife activity was extensive. Thus, even if you live in a huge city, wildlife is just around the corner, but one must visit parks before the masses. This morning, in between eating, there was some courting taking place.

This morning’s turkeys
Y3-M06-Wild-Turkey-2-Early-Sun Y3-M06-Wild-Turkey-1-Pair Y3-M06-Wild-Turkey-3-Full-Display


A hen wood duck

In Search of Spring!

Saturday morning I hiked in a wilderness area 25 miles north of Duluth. In the shaded areas which were protected from the afternoon sun, snow was still to be found in the deep forest. The plants were brown, and warm weather seemed an impassibility. While some Summer migrants have returned to the Northwoods, Lake Superior’s cold waters dictate many birds making the decision to stay south of our area. However, the yellow-shafted flickers had returned from their winter trip down south, and it was fun to watch them enjoy the morning sun, and sing out for a mate (see video).

Saturday afternoon, Molly and I drove 175 miles south to the Minneapolis area. In addition to visiting friends and family, we were astounded to find blossoming trees, leaves bursting out, and temperatures in the 60’s and 70’s. Lake Superior and her cold winds seemed like another world.

I had time for some birding while down south … both in a local Hennepin County Park (French Park), and a bit northwest of the Twin Cities (Sherburne National Wildlife Refuge). It was fun to see all the summer birds, listen to their song, and enjoy warm weather … shorts were the dress code of the day! Hope you enjoy the photographs.

Yellow-Shafted Flicker … Sing Out to the Morning!


All birds below this point were found in southern Minnesota!

Bluebirds Finding a Mate
Y3-M04-Mpls-Bluebird-3-Couple Y3-M04-Mpls-Bluebird-1


Brown Thrasher
Y3-M04-Mpls-Sherburne-Brown-Thrasher-2 Y3-M04-Mpls-Sherburne-Brown-Thrasher-3


Eastern Meadowlark … Sing out to Spring!
Y3-M04-Mpls-Sherburne-Meadowlark-6 Y3-M04-Mpls-Sherburne-Meadowlark-2




Lesser Yellowlegs
Y3-M04-Mpls-Sherburne-Solitary-Sandpiper-1 Y3-M04-Mpls-Sherburne-Solitary-Sandpiper-2

Wild Turkey Trot!

I’m back up north in Duluth after giving my “Outdoor Photography on a Budget Seminars” (access materials). On my final afternoon down in the Twin Cities I took a hike in French Park, and reinforced the adage when birding … use both your eyes and ears! Towards the end of my hike I heard some rustling in the woods. It sounded like a squirrel running on the leaves, and I almost ignored the sound. Instead I turned around to investigate and discovered a flock of nine wild turkeys only 15 yards away from me!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Y2-M11-Wild-Turkey-Time-3 Y2-M11-Wild-Turkey-Time-2 Y2-M11-Wild-Turkey-Time-1