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Meet the Plovers! (Black-Bellied and American Golden)

The rains finally ended, and the fields of Park Point were some perfect mud flats for migrating shorebirds yesterday morning. Although some pesky clouds were still hanging around, the winds out of the North brought quite a few migrating plovers into the Duluth area. I had fun watching this Black-Bellied Plover for about 1/2 hour … and it helped me out by posing with various other birds.

Black-Bellied Plover and American Golden Plover (immature)

Black-Bellied Plover and Lesser Yellowlegs

Sky Check … Watching a Bald Eagle

Two more shorebird pics … from my recent bike tour … Short Billed Dowitchers

Birds and Boats! (and a Lighthouse)

I was up before sunrise and drove down to Canal Park. I noticed in my semi-wakeful state around 4 am that the heavy rains had stopped. For me that meant clear skies and good birding. As the sun poked its head over the horizon Lake Superior and Canal Park shone out in her glory.

After Canal Park, I visited the Old Stella Jones Pier (reviewed with map yesterday). During the “golden hour” I found an American Golden Plover. After some significant time with my friendly plover it was off to Park Point where I hung out on the beach with the Semipalmated Sandpipers.

Oh yes … the boat pics!

Nine Hours in the Northland!

Last night I sat on the shores of Lake Superior between 3:30 and 4:30 in the morning waiting for the Northern Lights to dance, but Lady Aurora never performed. However, it was a beautiful rare warm night and I enjoyed sitting under the stars. Twas truly peaceful.

At 7:00 am I went birding with my friend Greg. We decided to focus on finding some Arctic shorebirds which are now starting to migrate through the area. While we did not find numbers, we enjoyed “quality”.

Lesser Yellowlegs

Buff-Breasted Sandpiper

Buff-Breasted Sandpiper and Semipalmated Sandpiper

Semipalmated Sandpiper

After doing some yard work after my birding expedition it was time for a bicycle ride up the North Shore of Lake Superior. Two miles shy of the Sucker River “I heard that whistle blowing” and I then redoubled my efforts and biked hard to the railroad trestle arriving a few minutes before the North Shore Scenic Railroad steam engine. The time was now high noon … yes, it was  a good nine hours in the Northland. It is good to be home with my camera.

Homecoming Yellowlegs!

After five weeks away from Duluth, and a beautiful but strenuous bike tour through the coastal mountains of British Columbia, I am home! Last night I slept in my own bed (heavenly), but had the unique experience to waking up in the middle of the night and NOT knowing where I was. When one sleeps in a new location for a month straight, the brain gets confused.

This morning I was up before dawn, and enjoyed some local birding. The ball fields at the end of Park Point were drenched from the recent rains. I thought I would find more shorebirds working their way south, but the numbers were low. A quick trip over to the Roy Johnson wetlands in NW Wisconsin was equally unimpressive in terms of grassland birds found. Oh well, it’s nice to be home and birding on my home turf.

A Lesser Yellowlegs and Friend Photographed this Morning.