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Heron Horning in on Wood Ducks!

Great Blue Herons are much bigger than Wood Ducks! This would seem like an obvious statement, but these beautiful ducks found themselves pushed out of house and home shortly after sunrise this morning! However, what is a smaller bird supposed to do when a Great Blue Heron decides to take over you nesting box as a platform?! The answer to the question is … wait!

Ma & Pa Wood Ducks checking out the interloper!

The Exit!

Awaiting the Heron’s departure

The Great Blue Heron on the hunt

North American Darth Vader Bird!

Looking for love in all the wrong places! Sunday morning along the Western Waterfront Trail in Duluth I found the rare North American Darth Vader Bird (common grackle). At sunrise this bird was looking for a Mrs. Vader, but alas … he was spurned!

North American Darth Vader Bird!

Now that I have returned to the Northland from Costa Rica, I have been making the rounds of my favorite birding locations and evaluating the status of the Spring migration. Apparently over the past two weeks cold weather slammed the migration to a stop, but the early migrants have been busy finding mates, building nests Great Blue Herons) … and in the case of Great Horned Owls … raising owlets!

Great Blue Heron Love

Bringing home a stick for the nest

Sharing a stick with your Beloved!

Formal Engagement Photo

High Rise Apartment Living!

Great Horned Owl (Mom and Owlettes)

Great Horned Owl Chicks!

Mom says it’s called a wing, but I’m not sure for what it’s used!

Arrived back in the USA at midnight, and made it to my daughter’s house by 1 am. Thus, I had to get up by 6 am and check out the Great Horned Owl which my son, Erik, had discovered while marathon training. It was nice to need a jacket to keep warm …  no Costa Rico heat and humidity!

Here are two more images. Mom owl was catching some well deserved rest on a bough ten yards away from the nest.

Wedding Bells & Birds

The opportunities for birding have been limited over the past week. Saturday saw all the Hoegs and Reniers gathered to celebrate the marriage of Erik and Katie. However, although the bride had every free moment scheduled for the bridal party including both sets of parents, she did leave me free from 6 to 7 am! Thus, I was able to steal a few birding minutes after a drive to a local park in the Minneapolis area. Perhaps the moments of solitude were more important than the birding! Thankfully, the wedding was beautiful, and the happy couple is now winging their way to Hawaii.

The Sibling Choir!
(The brother & sisters gave this special gift to the bride and groom, their siblings).

Erik and Katie’s Wedding Vows!

A Special Moment!

A Bird! (Green Heron at Dawn … Plymouth Wetlands)Y3-M07-Wedding-Green-Heron-3