Day 174 Addendum: Sax Zim Bog Bird Bike Ride

Although my official bird for today was the USAF Thunderbirds, I also took a bike tour through one of the premier bird locations in North American … the Sax Zim Bog. I rode 42+ miles through along deserted gravel and asphalt roads. Not only did I get some great exercise, but I enjoyed some nice birding!

Near an old  “missile silo looking building” left over from the cold war when the airspace directly over Minnesota was the most direct route to the USA from Russia, I discovered a northern harrier (see photos). This bird squawked at me, but never really flew out of the area. Given there had to be a nest in the area, I kept a respectful distance.

My big surprise of the day was scaring up two sandhill cranes just 1/2 mile north of the Visitor Center on Owl Ave. I was cycling along and never saw them till the cranes launched into the sky only ten yards in front of me … crying out in there not very melodious voice. They scared me more than I scared them! Later in my ride I watched some American Kestrels which were hunting along side some railroad tracks.

All the deer and cows thought I was an oddity. The deer would watch me approaching and only run at the last moment. One herd of cows even ran alongside me as I biked for 1/5 mile. Regardless, I hope you enjoy the photos from my bike tour!

Getting Ready to Ride


A Turkey Vulture which thinks its too cold and early to soar!


Northern Harrier
174-Birds-365-Northern-Harrier-2 174-Birds-365-Northern-Harrier-1


American Kestrel


The Sax-Zim Bog Visitor Center


The cows that ran along side me!


Ending with a Osprey!

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