Day 196 to 199: Biker Birds Part 2

Like a bad movie, the Bike Birds are back! For the second week in a row I am co-leading a bicycle tour through northern Minnesota. From time to time I take time out from my daily 60 mile rides and use my camera to photograph the day’s birds. Here are my efforts.

Day 196: Broad-Winged Hawk


Day 197: Cedar Waxwings (immature and adults)
197-Birds-365-Cedar-Waxwing-4_wm 197-Birds-365-Cedar-Waxwing-2_wm


Day 198: Common Loon and Chick


Day 199: Mechanized Bird and Momma Merganser!
199-Birds-365-Fly-In-Outfitter-2 199-Birds-365-Momma-Merganser

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