Lake Superior Snow Buntings! (Yr. 2: Day 17)

Snow Buntings, guests from the Arctic Ocean where they spends their summers, are beautifull small birds which visit northern Minnesota in the winter. Minnesota is their winter warm climate destination, not Florida. Quite frankly, they are true snowbirds!!!

There are two difficulties when trying to photograph these birds:

  1. Snow Buntings are hard to find
  2. Snow Buntings are small and spook very easily

Today, in what can only be described as miserable conditions (freezing drizzle and 35 mph winds), I hit the jackpot! I found a small flock of snow buntings, and after over 40 minutes of trying, was able to maneuver within fifteen yards while they rested after their morning feed. Approximately every minute I had to stop and clean the accumulated frozen sleet off my camera lens. However, the results were worth the effort!

Snow Buntings of Lake Superior!
Y2-D017-Snow-Bunting-1 Y2-D017-Snow-Bunting-2 Y2-D017-Snow-Bunting-3

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