Morning Reflections and Shadows!

Early this morning just after sunrise I drove up to Two Harbors and walked the shoreline. This made for two days in row with deep blue skies, and although the temperature was a brisk 35F for a later day in May, the wind was calm. In short, it was a great morning to be alive. If you’ve never walked the trail that snakes around the point which forms the Two Harbors harbor, I highly recommend it.

The warbler invasion of the Northland that occurred a few days ago is now over, but there are still a few birds migrating through northeast Minnesota. I found this Chestnut-Sided Warbler hunting the puddles along the shore. It was fun to watch this bird and take photos. At one point I had a Cape May Warbler alight almost in front of my nose and remain motionless on a tall stalk of grass. Warblers never remain still. I assume this bird really wanted its photo taken. I obliged.

I finished off the perfect morning with a trip to a local fox den. By this time it had warmed up into the mid 40’s and the kits were enjoying the morning sun!

Chestnut-Sided Warbler
Y2-M05-20-Chestnut-Sided-Warbler-Puddle-Hunting-0-Reflection Y2-M05-20-Chestnut-Sided-Warbler-Puddle-Hunting-1 Y2-M05-20-Chestnut-Sided-Warbler-Puddle-Hunting-2-Reflection Y2-M05-20-Chestnut-Sided-Warbler-Puddle-Hunting-6 Y2-M05-20-Chestnut-Sided-Warbler-Puddle-Hunting-8-Shadow


Cape May Warbler


Red Fox Kit

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