A Migration Ride on Lake Superior’s NE Wind: Plovers, Willets and Yellowlegs

The fall shorebird migration is in full force riding yesterday’s strong NE wind off Lake Superior. These birds spend very little time on their northern breeding grounds in the Arctic and Sub-Arctic, and are now working their way south to the Gulf Coast, Central and in some cases South America. Over the past two days in the Duluth area, we have had significant rainfall which has turned the playing fields at the end of Park Point (also known at Minnesota Point) into a large wetlands / puddles which are a perfect bug hunting area for shorebirds.

A Willet


Lesser Yellowlegs
Y2-M08-ParkPoint-Lesser-Yellowlegs-0 Y2-M08-ParkPoint-Lesser-Yellowlegs-3-Duo


Black-Bellied Plover
Y2-M08-ParkPoint-American-Golden-Plover-1 Y2-M08-ParkPoint-American-Golden-Plover-4 Y2-M08-ParkPoint-American-Golden-Plover-and-Lesser-Yellowlegs

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