Canosia State Wildlife Refuge – Opsreys & Great Blue Herons!

Here in northern Minnesota, given ice out finally occurred, birds who eat fish have returned. Yesterday evening I hiked back into a rookery with the goal of determining whether my friends were back. Yes!

Thus, this morning I set out before dawn and ended back at Canosia. After a hike  I arrived at the rookery. The Great Blue Herons and Ospreys tolerate each others presence. Such was NOT the case when a local bald eagle dive bombed the herons, but struck out on obtaining breakfast.

The Ospreys nest must be prime real estate. At one point I saw from a distance four male birds sitting on the nest and calling out to attract a female! Still it was fun when I got closer to see the remaining three squabbling over who got to keep the nest. A video may be found of the “trio” at the bottom of this post.

Squabbling Ospreys
Y3-M04-Canosia-Osprey-Trio-1 Y3-M04-Canosia-Osprey-Trio-2 Y3-M04-Canosia-Osprey-Trio-3 Y3-M04-Canosia-Osprey-Trio-4 Y3-M04-Canosia-Osprey-Trio-5 Y3-M04-Canosia-Osprey-Trio-6 Y3-M04-Canosia-Osprey-Trio-7


Great Blue Herons at the Rookery
Y3-M04-Canosia-Great-Blue-Heron-2-Rookery-Nests Y3-M04-Canosia-Great-Blue-Heron-1-Perched Y3-M04-Canosia-Great-Blue-Heron-4-Landing Y3-M04-Canosia-Great-Blue-Heron-7-Takeoff


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