Funky Petite Penguin

Without guidebooks for Scotland, and lots of new birds, I get to name all my new feathered friends I see while bike touring in in Scotland! Kind of fun coming up with names! Thus, today I present you with the Funky Petite Penguin which was seen near Cawdor Castle.

What we did not see were the woods marching on the castle, only bikes. Thus Macbeth is safe for another day! Full trip report on Crazy Guy on a Bike.

Take a look at my bike. The panniers hold all my clothes, and anything else needed for 3+ weeks on the road. No extra room for anything.

Funky Petite Penguin – The Bikes of Cawdor – Our Route Through Last Night

(Edited after returning home … real bird names added … Oystercatcher)


One thought on “Funky Petite Penguin

  1. I think it’s an Oystercatcher! I like your name better though 🙂 Sounds like you are having a great trip.

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