Indigo Blue!

Home! As much fun as bike touring in Scotland was, it is nice to be home and back in the Northland. The past few days I’ve spent some time on the cliffs at Hawk Ridge. Many of the trees and shrubs are blooming, attracting bugs and therefore birds! I’ve found that although lots of warblers are present back in the bush beyond the viewing platform, the easiest way to actually see and photograph birds is by descending from Skyline Drive and hiking the cliffs. From the cliffs one can look down to the lower tree tops and observe birds such as the Olive-Sided Flycatcher from a unique perspective, or look up back towards the road and find warblers on the tops of small trees and bushes.

Indigo Bunting
Y3-M06-Hawk-Ridge-Indigo-Bunting-2 Y3-M06-Hawk-Ridge-Indigo-Bunting-1-Singing


Chestnut Sided Warbler
Y3-M06-Hawk-Ridge-Chestnut-Sided-Warbler-2 Y3-M06-Hawk-Ridge-Chestnut-Sided-Warbler-1


Eastern Wood Peewe

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