Feeding the Flicker Kids (video!)

I had an early morning business meeting which was cancelled at the last moment, so I went birding instead! Duluth’s business community’s loss was my gain! Found the Yellow-Shafted Flicker family and spent almost two hours waiting and watching. As an aside, it is very, very nice to have a window tripod mount. My arms would have been supremely exhausted holding the camera at ready awaiting the return of the parents. I rather doubt I could have hand-held the camera steady for the video. Hope you enjoy these photographs as much as I enjoyed the experience.

The Male Yellow-Shafted Flicker Feeds the Kids!

“Dad” Arrives at the Yellow-Shafted Flicker Hole (black mustache indicates a male)


Feeding by Mom is about to Start! (lack of a black mustache indicates a female)
Y3-M06-Yellow-Shafted-Flicker-Feeding-Chicks-3-Two-Chicks Y3-M06-Yellow-Shafted-Flicker-Feeding-Chicks-4-Two-Chicks Y3-M06-Yellow-Shafted-Flicker-Feeding-Chicks-5-Two-Chicks Y3-M06-Yellow-Shafted-Flicker-Feeding-Chicks-6-Two-Chicks


Ungrateful Kids!


Dad Flies Away from the Nest


Hey! Where did the Gravy Train Go?!

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