Edge of Range Red-Headed Woodpecker!

I finally had the opportunity this morning to revisit the grasslands I discovered one week ago in northwestern Wisconsin.  Cloverland, Wisconsin near Lake Superior and the Brule River is at the extreme northern range of this bird’s range. In fact, I’ve never seen this kind of bird this far north. Thus, after a three hour wait, my target bird appeared. The Red-Headed Woodpecker appeared to be expecting some mail!

One nice aspect of my “wait” is it was far from boring. The Cloverland township hall is only 30 miles and 35 minutes from the start of I-535 in Duluth. I had never realized grassland birds were this close to my home in the Boreal Forest on the northern edge of Duluth (see prior post with birding map). Here are just a few of the birds found while waiting for “red”!

Eastern Meadowlark Video

Wilson’s Snipe Video


Brown Thrasher
Y3-M07-Cloverland-Township-Brown-Thrasher-1 Y3-M07-Cloverland-Township-Brown-Thrasher-2

Eastern Meadowlark
Y3-M07-Cloverland-Township-Eastern-Meadowlark-1 Y3-M07-Cloverland-Township-Eastern-Meadowlark-2 Y3-M07-Cloverland-Township-Eastern-Meadowlark-3

Wilson’s Snipe (the first image was taken as a Marsh Hawk flew over!)
Y3-M07-Cloverland-Township-Wilsons-Snipe-1-Hawk-Flyover Y3-M07-Cloverland-Township-Wilsons-Snipe-2 Y3-M07-Cloverland-Township-Wilsons-Snipe-3

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